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What happens when there is load shedding or a power outage, will my device switch on again automatically?

When load shedding occurs, the version 1 smart device will go into a ‘Safe Off’ position. When power and connectivity returns, the device will be Off until the next ‘ON’ setting comes around.
The Smart Version 2 has an extra function to set. When power returns and connectivity, you can set the device to return to state (that being the last position it was in before power out), this could be set for both ON and OFF conditions.
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Is version 1 and version 2 actual hardware differences? The Default State On/Off seems a basic software implementation.

Does the difference in the firmware reflect the hardware version (if different)? 1.0.5 and 1.1.2?

Without a default state setting, the product isn’t nearly as effective as it should be

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Hi Dolby, yes it required a hardware/component change that was implemented to allow for the return to State.
Most of the V1.1.2 would be the new hardware/component devices.
The device was originally launched with a return to “safe” state, after Cbi were requested to look at having a “return to state” by the customers.investigated the option and implemented a hardware/component change to allow for this.

Thank you.

Quite disappointed, if I’m honest.

This hardware revision should have a different product name to prevent confusion in the market - and a price difference.

Power On State is pretty common on many IoT devices and sounds like software rather than hardware.

When was the change made?

Hi Dolby,

Thank you for raising this and sorry that CBI has disappointed you in this regard, CBI never planned to have the return to on state due to worries of safety and being a circuit breaker manufacturer we believe it is off, it must stay off till someone can safely switch it back on, but CBI listened to the customers that asked for the Return to state which was implemented and a decision was made to keep pricing the same.

Change was introduced into the market around June/ July.

The name was kept the same as the old version without the Power on Sate would be phased out and only have the power on state in the market going forward, CBI also wanted to keep the pricing the same and not charge more.

From my uses of the device i do not personally like the power on state for a few reasons, if this is activated and i am away and forget to deactivate it and only turn my timer settings off, if there is power outage the device will switch on while i am not there, secondly why i do not use the return to state is if the power comes on after a outage and it comes on during its normal off cycle it will stay on till the next time it needs to switch off, but this is just my personal experience and why I have stopped using the return to on state.

However saying that all the ASP devices have a return to state and that is important to me as i have this on my fridge which i want to always be on, and if outage it will return to On.

The blisterpack photo on the left is “copied & pasted” from past postings on another forum in October 2020 / March 2021 whereas on the right is a photo taken at Builders Express yesterday - comparing the photos it is apparent these are two different “models” … “buyers be aware” :wink:

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