CBI, Tuya and Home Assistant

I recently started some home automation for my solar and battery backup using Home Assistant.

I’m really loving my CBI Astute plugs - I have both the Smart Isolator and the Smart Plug.

I was pleased to find out that the CBI plugs can be added to the Tuya platform.
Since there is an integration with Tuya and Home Assistant I can now automate my house using solar charge levels, battery levels, geyser states etc.

One of the automations I’m enjoying is switching on the geyser when my backup battery is charged to 100%. My geyser is on the CBI Smart Isolator.
Using the Tuya app’s automations I switch off the geyser when the power usage drops because I know the water is now heated. (This can be set up in the CBI app too.)
This way my geyser heats up once a day - which is enough for my household.

Does anyone else have similar setups? I’d love to learn about other people’s automations.

My goal is to optimize our electricity usage so we can avoid using the grid.

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