CBI Nanoview Connectivity

I have recently come across the CBI Nanoview. This looks promising, with the ability to monitor up to 16 electrical channels and 4 water meters. However, it appears to lack any meaningful options for connecting to one’s computer for long term monitoring, etc. Wi-Fi, for example, would be useful.
Mention is also made in the documentation about connecting it to a “Nanohub” with a 2400 baud serial cable. This is very far from 21st century technology!
The Nanohub referred to by CBI does not appear to be this:
I’d appreciate any comments or enlightenment from CBI or any Forum members.

The Nano View Energy Monitor product was designed and developed seven years ago, with the ‘Simple’ intent to groom customers/energy conscious persons into the control of energy and save wasted energy consumption.
It was designed at a ‘low consumer cost’, with energy measurement simplicity.
This Nano View was developed to let customers/users see how much is spent on each monitored circuit/channel.
Downloadable capabilities would have added higher consumer costing.
But keep your eyes focused on CBI for great energy monitoring/controlling devices coming in the near future.

Thank you for your response, Stan. I wasn’t aware that it’s 7 years old. What am I missing, that it isn’t discussed here? Has it been replaced with something else? It doesn’t seem that your Astute Smart Controller is a replacement.
From what little I know of the device, it already includes the hardware for Bluetooth, to communicate with the water meters. The addition of software to communicate with the homeowners computer is a once-off cost that can be amortised against all devices soled.

The “wireless” protocol for the water meter is not bluetooth and not Wi-Fi either. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi doesn’t have the range and battery life to get a signal from a roadside water meter to a DB at the far end of a house. And hardware cost… It’s hard to believe in 2021, but the market research in 2015 didn’t favour an app - back then people preferred a standalone device!
I still get loads of benefit from my offline NanoView, with 9 CTs and the NanoWater :sunglasses:, but I am slowly converting key circuits to Astute devices. Once you’ve automated a few items, you can’t stop.

Thank you for your explanation, Wynand. It does seem a cost effective device, even offline. I have had trouble finding suitable water meters. Where do you suggest that I look?
Secondly, the documentation refers to connecting to a “NanoHub”. Do you have a link for more information on this?

I think most water meters have the sensor port as standard. See the photo at the top of http://www.nanoview.co.za/ that shows the port - you’ll find more information on that site. My municipal meter had it already, so I just stuck the NanoWater in their box and plugged it into the hole. I am sure if you show the picture at your local plumbing supply store, they’ll give you the right type.
The NanoHub is a component of the NanoView that is installed in the DB - it came in the box. It’s not a “smart hub” though - just the thing the CTs and display plugs into.