What all smart devices are currently offered by CBI?

I am aware of the Astute Smart controller for installations in DB Boards which fits both Din and Mini Rail application, The Astute Smart Isolator that fits on a 2x4 box and the Astute Smart Plug that fits on standard 4x4 boxes.

3 devices …ASC (Timer/KW board mount) 30 amp contact rating. ASI - 2 pole 2x4 Isolator 30 amp rated contact. ASP 4x4 Socket Outlet (Plug) 16 amp contact rated.

@Silver_212 does all 3 devices carry the same capabilities of energy monitoring?
and would i be able to create automations between the 3 different devices?

Yes, they offer energy monitoring. They also give you the ability to automate and set up energy management control between essential and non-essential loads.

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